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Kingu, the World about to orbit the sun, instead stayed in orbit throughout the Earth within their new spot, concerning Mars and Venus.

, “When fates we decreed, the hand of destiny at just about every step directed. The will of your Creator of All is: on the planet and for Earthlings, only emissaries are we. The Earth on the Earthlings belong, to preserve and advance them we had been supposed.

Michael will now share some own correspondence concerning this group that was spoken of during UFO Hunters, and himself. I will current it in Michaels possess phrases (as a consequence of that his Tale was supplied to me through email, the place all of us often don’t hassle with spell and grammar check, I've altered this on some situations in Michael’s correspondence for your reader’s ease.

On Mars, Nibirans manned a spaceport and lasered a monument to Alalu, one of their kings, who was exiled to Mars and died there.

Those with Ziusudra on Ararat, hybrid Igigi-Earthling households who fled to Mesopotamia’s mountains as well as descendants of Ka-in at the Peruvian refinery and spaceport lived. builders arms croydon Nibirans in control of the Andean Place and refining amenities assisted “the number of Andean survivors upon the superior peaks to repopulate the continent.

Machu Picchu “first served to be a model for Cuzco, then emulated it.” Both equally Machu and Cuzco “consisted of twelve wards, royal-priestly groupings to the west and residential-purposeful kinds occupied through the Virgins and clan hierarchies within the east separated by huge terraces.

Enlil expressed alarm with the expanding population of Earthlings whom the ex-astronauts saved inseminated with at any time-more Nibiran genes.

Tunnels, niches and grooves perforate massive rock outcroppings, cut and shaped into huge builders dublin platforms. Siphon-fed aquaducts channeled water to scrub ores. Childress speculates that among the tunnels connects Cuzco with Tiahuanacu, though moderns who explored the tunnels by no means returned into the floor.

To every of one other Anunnaki, a choice to depart or perhaps the calamity outwait has to be specified. The Igigi who Earthlings espoused need to among departure and spouses select.

For my heroines much too burdensome is baring far more Earthlings. Way too few would be the heroines to reveal numbers adequate to work mines.”

Archeologists unearthed sixteen buried huge stone Negroid heads the Olmec’s experienced moved by way of about sixty miles of jungle and swamp.

Ningishzidda engraved emerald tablets which he showed certain Gentlemen. He still left the tablets–imperishable, proof against all features, corrosion and acids–beneath the Giza Pyramid for any long run Age of sunshine.

“Incredulous of that was Anu; ‘the check my blog modify in cycles [concerning Earth and Nibiru] without a doubt havoc did induce, but with elixirs cured it absolutely was.’

Enki implored Enlil, “Allow us to show the dredging of ponds and canals for surviving drought and famine.”

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